Playing with gideon

Sylvain Joyeux sylvain.joyeux at
Sat Nov 16 11:51:02 UTC 2002

I use now Gideon as my daily tool for development. It is really great. 
But I think there are at least one thing to fix if you want more and 
more developers to use it - and so do bug reporting: fix the shortcut 
mess. The default installation of gideon shares some shortcuts with 
the katepart. It leads to strange behaviour. Some of my friends won't 
have used it if I didn't explained the problem to them.

And some bugs. These are not very grave bugs but leads to important 
usability issues:
	- C++ class parser doesn't handle namespaces properly when the 
namespace is declared (in the .cpp file) with "using namespace foo"
	- [rare, so not really important] It doesn't handle template 
declaration/definition in the same file. When I have
	template<class C> class foo {
		void bar();	}
	template<class C> foo<C>::bar() {	}
	. I cannot go directly to the declaration using the classtree
	. if I sort the classtree by namespace, foo's methods are displayed 
directly into the namespace foo belongs to.
	- in IDEAI mode, if the dialog that has to be displayed in a dock is 
too big for it (for example "parent classes"), it is truncated (no 
problem here), but the splitter of the dock isn't displayed anymore 
and gets back only if I restart gideon.

Now, a personnal wishlist:
	- in IDEAI mode, add a key that closes the dock on which the mouse is 
over.  It would be a very great improvement because the way the docks 
hide themselves is far from perfect.

Thank you very much for your work
Sylvain Joyeux

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