Gideon doctreeview stuff

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Wed Nov 13 14:26:02 UTC 2002

Glad to have some agreement on the issue, then.

The kde2book is already online at

The stl docs are

I don't know if the libc docs are online or not.  If not, perhaps Sandy will
give us permission to put them on the

Since I don't use other languages, I can't reference their documentation,
but I'm sure there are Java docs online, etc.


Now, I'm on a Windows machine at the moment, so I can't look at the
doctreeview stuff, but would it be feasible to set it up such that:

By default, it tries to locate this information at its web address

A user can change that setting to a different spot, perhaps using a KURL.

For example, by default, I may want to set up my Qt docs to be at

But, later I may change it to file:/usr/lib/qt/doc/

Should find the exact same information, right?  Is that possible with
doctreeview now?


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