STL docs in Gideon? (was: Re: playing with gideon)

Roland Krause rokrau at
Mon Nov 11 19:03:05 UTC 2002

With all due respect. 
The idea that you need a "wizzard" to install gideon sucks. 

Why cant we make it easy:
 rpm -Uvh gideon.rpm 

Gideon/KDevelop is a complex project with lot's of documentation. This
is because G/K shall enable people to _quickly_ get started
_developing_ applications on Unix. Documentation is an integral and
essential part of that. 


--- August Hörandl <august.hoerandl at> wrote:
> i like this idea
> - one gideon core package
> - many gideon documentation packages (should we move the libc docu?)
> - a wizard to install additional documentation
> - a list at with "recommended" documentation, maybe
>   the wizard could read the list, and install it.
> Gustl
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