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Sebastian Kratzert skratzert at
Sun Nov 3 20:36:03 UTC 2002


Am Sunday 03 November 2002 16:36 schrieb August Hörandl:
> documentation browser:
> opening stl introduction results in
> file:/opt/kde3/share/doc/HTML/en/kdevdoctreeview/stl/stl_introduction.html
> not found; directory exists (created by install?), but only *.gif there
> the kde2 development book doesn't work either

I'm the new maintainer of doctree.
In the of STL there is the install part disabled. Somebody knows 
Additionally there are no .html and no mechanism for their creation in, only .gif's and .h's
Sadly I don't know how to create the html files.

> editor:
> is there a possibility to make the "line number column" smaller?

Isn't this part of the used editor? So it's only possible if the editor 
supports it.

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