playing with gideon

August Hörandl august.hoerandl at
Sun Nov 3 17:37:05 UTC 2002

i played a little bit with a fresh gideon from cvs on 
suse 8.1 (kde 3.0.3) - some little remarks:

"please wait" during load pcs file, just a changed cursor, no 
progressbar :-(
 with "preloaded" qt & kde libraries and a big project like gideon...

display file groups, close project, file groups isn't updated, open a
menue overwrites but doesn't get repainted and parts of the menue stay
there, minimize gideon and make it big again... 

gideon doesn't find the line with error message (suse 8.1, german) - 
   LANG="C" gideon 

documentation browser:
opening stl introduction results in
not found; directory exists (created by install?), but only *.gif there
the kde2 development book doesn't work either

setup ("einstellungen")
"configure editor ist only visible if a source file is selected, but not
during e.g. browsing docu

is there a possibility to make the "line number column" smaller?
there is a checkbox "show folding marker", but how to fold?

editor (kate komponent):
if there are some lines longer then the visible editor width:
the cursor at the end of the longest line in the file is invisible

is there a way to "show current class in the classview":
  name-> nameofmethod()
        ^ cursor
there is "programs/goto ctags definition" on right mouse click;
you get to the right place, but there is no way to find this
class in the big classview 

during config there is a point "show menuebar" - if deselected, the
menue is gone - ok. but how to get the menu back (if the shortcut is
unknown or disabled)? only way: change ~/.kde/share/config/gideonrc  

besides this: gideon is a great tool, stable and i like gideon


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august.hoerandl at          Today it is not working
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                                -- Margaret Segall

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