gideon mdi question

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Wed Jun 26 11:41:02 UTC 2002

Jens Zurheide wrote:

>I am currently trying to change the behaviour of gideon with respect to edit 
>view switching in MDI mode. I am trying to implement something like in MSVC 
>where the files/views are sorted by the time they were last displayed. This 
>allows switching very fast between the last two or three used files. 
>Unfortunately what worked once for KDevelop 2.0 does not work for gideon 
>any more. 
>The question: Which part/function handles the switching between edit views? 
>It is not QextMdiMainFrm::activateNextWin() as I expected. I have the 
>impression that all the switching is delegated to the Kate part because 
>none of the qextmdi initialization routines settingn up key accelerators is 
>called from gideon.
>Thanks for any hints,
That MDI integration was just the first step, looking at the details you 
quickly see it's quite unfinished in many issues (accels, Window menu, 
toplevel mode, tool-views, restoring the docking session, on/off 
checkboxes for views in the View menu, etc.).
Don't hesitate to continue the work, noone seriously works on it. 
Although it's a key component.
F at lk

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