[kvim-dev] RE: team interview

Bernd Gehrmann Bernd-Gehrmann at gmx.de
Tue Jun 18 22:44:02 UTC 2002

> Yes emacs has all the feature you could dream of. But this is very
> different
> >from which feature are _used_ . This is the problem with emacs. I have
> > been
> using it during one year and despite my efforts, never managed to learn
> more than 10 or 20 key bindings. Out of the ten experienced emacs user I
> have seen, only one would use it in the server fashion with multiple
> windows.

Whereas all vim users use 100 % of vim's features, users of Microsoft
Word use 100 % of Word's features, and all GIMP users use 100 %
GIMP's features...

> My answer is: none! The core unix programmer telnets with its old green and
> black terminal to its old unix server and programs in C using Ed. Those
> that don't do that are not core unix programmers. :-)

And all germans wear leather trousers and hats decorated with shaving brushs,
drink beer out of 1l glasses and dance Schuhplattler to the music of a brass band.
Those who don't are not germans.

Yay! Let's turn rename this list kdevelop-folklore ;-))

> I hope we will find a way to integrate without too many ugly hacks. How
> about allowing the user to choose between powerful doc/view model and good
> old 'one view/many doc' model, enabling vim only for the second case ?

What's the problem with vim implementing KTextEditor/Editor?


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