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Creative creatives-mail at
Mon Jun 17 09:58:05 UTC 2002

Hello team:

My name Mitchell,
 Just wanted to write as I was reading my sams book  KDE 2.0 Development. I 
came across the snippet below and wanted to let you know so true my friends. 
for the little experience I have in c++ I was able to find my way around 
immedialty!.I have been taking courses for the last 2 years in programming 
and have been using microsoft visual c++. I just recently discovered Linux 
and open source less than a year ago and am very greatful for it. I have 
tried alot of the open source compilers available and have to say that so far 
nothing compares to kdevelop. I prefer linux and kdevelop over windows and 
msvc++, much more to learn and much more flexible. I especially like to have 
my konsole right there in the IDE as well as having the same ability in the 
file manager. I like having the ability to tab throught my source pages and 
switch between my project and the help docs.Keep up the good wordk and I will 
keep studying so that maybe one day I can contribute something to the 

Mitchell Platz
mitch-nicole at

KDevelop 2.0, our team will break with the traditional single-window 
philosophy com-monly used by UNIX applications, and that is what developers 
have to expect: complete con-figurability and visibility all over the user 
interface of the IDE. This will make KDevelop even more attractive to users 
coming from other platforms and make the transition to UNIX much easier, 
further reducing the learning curve for handling the programming environment. 
Until the release of KDevelop 2.0, we recommend using version 1.2 for 
production. It offers almost everything developers expect, especially 
stability and usability.

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