KDevelop 2.0 Recent Projects Question

Todd Hopfinger thopfinger at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jun 16 22:31:02 UTC 2002

Dear Mr. Ramos,

    How can I clear the "Open Recent Projects..." menu in KDevelop 2.0? 
 The file ~/.kde/share/apps/kdevelop does NOT exist on my system.  Also, 
I am interested in beginning GUI programming on Linux.  However, I have 
never wrote a GUI application program on any platform.  Can you 
recommend any non-platform specific introductory GUI programming 
tutorials?  I have not covered basics like event driven programming or 
interprocess communication, just "pure" C++.  Or will the Qt and KDE 
tutorials suffice for an introduction to GUI programming?  I am not sure 
where to begin; I am only 18 and have no programming mentors.  Thank you 
for your time.


Todd Hopfinger
thopfinger at worldnet.att.net

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