cutputwidget.cpp NO! NO! NO!

Kuba Ober kuba at
Thu Jun 13 20:41:01 UTC 2002

On czwartek 13 czerwiec 2002 01:43 pm, Roland Krause wrote:
> Falk,
> it is all broken again now.
> After the last commits, I have the same bug that I fixed a week ago:
> Neither line breaking nor scrolling works correctly.
> So let's stop here and try to understand what this code does, instead
> of guessing and hacking and hacking hacks.
> Also, lets decide to drop support for all but the major releases of Qt.
> The current commercial and official Qt-3 release is 3.0.4. The current
> last major release of Qt-2 was Qt 2.2.3. Anything else isn't our
> problem.
> Falk, please revert the last two commits, let's roll back to version
> coutputwidget.cpp

I second this. Qt 3.0.4 and 2.2.3 should be our targets, and when something 
breaks in Qt 3.0.5 we can always issue a patch, or whatever.

Here are the setups I've tested:
- kdevelop 2.1.1 release + qt3.0.3 -> colouring and breaking works, I don't 
know whether point+click on error works (didn't test)
- kdevelop 2.1.1 release + qt3.0.4 -> breaking doesn't work
- kdevelop 2.1.1 release with my outputwidget patch + qt3.0.4 -> works for me

Kuba Ober

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