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Thu Jun 13 17:23:05 UTC 2002

Hi Falk!

On Tuesday 11 June 2002 23:28, falk.brettschneider at wrote:
> Yesterday, I got Gideon to compile and run and tested it for 3 hours.
> The result was:
> - 17 crashes on several places and situations

I get crashes, too. Most notably on exit. That may have been fixed now ;)The 
number of crashes have decreased considerably, still.

> - I noticed heaps of misbehaviour and missing functionality (even
> compared to KDevelop-2.1). Nevertheless I think it is worth to be
> released as alpha version.
>   Here are *some* of the things I noticed:

>     - no possibility of bringing back closed toolviews
>     - no possibility of switching toolviews on and off

Verified, noted. The UI in 2.1 must be ported.

>     - switching the project adds new toolviews, in that case some appear
> doubled

I haven't come across that.

>     - toplevel UI mode completely broken

Seems like.

>     - IDEA UI mode let toolviews overlap editor views

That's by design I guess, but it needs to be improved as discussed elsewhere.

>     - Qt-based C++ project handling completely broken

Could you elaborate?

>     - editor options changes ignored (e.g. font)

The one for qeditor part seems to be working now. What doesn't work for you 
right now?

>     - displaying documentation HTML views completely broken, just error
> messages about missing html files

I can view some documentation. Where do you see this message?

>     - adding new documentation broken (I tried to add the Qt3 HTML
> documentation)

In which folder?

>     - switching the editor doesn't work

It works only after gideon is restarted, I think. It should be possible to do 
this on the fly, though.

>     - Window menu allows switching files, only; standard functionality
> missing

Noted. Have to port UI from 2.1 for that.

>     - debugger toolview are visible when the debugger isn't active
>     - GUI redraw blocked on Gideon startup for the time of project loading 

Bugs noted.

>     - Class tree doesn't show the project structure as useful as in 2.1
> (see screenshot on startpage of

Look at HEAD. Fixed. :)

>     - several pages of Project Options belong to the global Options,
> otherwise the user need to set it once more with every new project

Which ones? That's an important issue.

>     - Trying to call the debugger for the Gideon project itself just
> shows an error message
>     - Printing files not supported

I believe you with these. :) Noted.

>     - main menu item order misbehaviour (Debug menu entry is on the
> right-hand side of Help menu)

I don't see that now, maybe fixed.

>     - switching UI modes needs application restart

Yes it does.

>     - kdoc not supported any more

I know! I generalized the configuration for doctree folder: qt/kde libraries. 
There is an "update" button that's not implemented yet!

>     - GUI has no import/export 2.1-projects<-->Gideon-projects

I think we need to write a script that would do that. It may not be too easy, 
though. Some of the things may not be translatable.

>     - Trying Java projects results in mysterious error messages

Ouch. Who uses Java here? ;)

>     - new editor views are added always maximized, even in non-maximized
> UI Childframe mode, view-taskbar missing
>     - docking state of all toolviews not restored after Gideon restart
>     - editor options dialog missing when all views are closed

I've seen those I think.

>     - choosing KDE texteditor not working at all on KDE-3.0.0, but
> offered as possible editor

Well we're past that stage unfortunately. Let's think for upcoming 3.1.

>     - [Modified] missing in mainframe caption

Yes, that's important.

>     - Activating functionality in main menu doesn't switch to
> appropriate tool-views (e.g. calling Configure doesn't show Messages view)

'Build' does switch to messages. Have to make a list of which ones.

>     - setting breakpoints in qeditor texteditor (the only one that is
> working here) impossible


>     - RMB on qeditor doesn't have the 'Switch to declaration/definition'
> functionality

That goes to Roberto ;)

>     - no CVS functionality for directories available

It is available. Have you looked at file tree?

>     - cross-compiling feature seems to be missing (but I'm not sure)

Not a priority thing, but yes it ought to be the same way as in 2.1

> It should be added to the ToDo list of Gideon (I also can put this
> online on>current_work.html, any objections?)

I'm going to filter these and put them in TODO file.

See you,

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