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Eray Ozkural erayo at
Thu Jun 13 04:51:03 UTC 2002

On Thursday 23 May 2002 01:58, Harald Fernengel wrote:
> Hi,
> Don't forget kvim, it is already a KPart and a KTextEditor interface is on
> its way. There are a few problems with the focus but besides that it runs
> just fine in Gideon.

I just implemented EditorInterface and CursorInterface of KTextEditor! That 
will address some of the focus problems you have ;)

It's a little buggy and 1 function isn't implemented but vim scripting kills 
so it's fair enough that I could pull it off as a hardcore emacs user :) I 
didn't know any vi except :q, :w, i, d, d$ and <ESC> before doing this! 
(Maybe I knew a few more commands, heh)

To use it install kvim from CVS, I'm using debian version of vim 6.x for vim 
runtime. This gives you the KDE app.

Then co kdeextragear-1 and install it. You should see it directly in gideon's 
editor chooser.

There are a few problems with the kvim part. First is that every window's 
going to load a separate process. This obviously isn't what we want, but I 
have no idea ATM how this should be fixed. Also we seem to have dangling 
processes after kvim part terminates.

It looks like Falk expressed interest in (x)emacs embedding. The xemacs part 
can be done exactly the way kvim part works, so what we're going to do is to 
use gnuserv/gnuclient approach and QXEmbed based widget support for emacs. 
I'm brave enough to start that code and I think Falk's going to help me.

It's way too hard to port emacs to Qt so that's good enough for now ;)

See you,

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