Team interview (also a Gideon TODO)

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Wed Jun 12 23:33:04 UTC 2002

Eray Ozkural wrote:

>On Wednesday 12 June 2002 20:54, Matthias Hölzer-Klüpfel wrote:
>>BTW, I think we now have three different schemes to do the TODO list, maybe
>>we should decide on a common one...
>Hey my scheme rules!
OK. Will try to put it there in your way.

>Yea Falk didn't quite get the idea behind IDEAI I guess ;)
>But maybe it's also because it's not documented anywhere :>
>You open the toolview and then close it back again when you wanna edit the 
> least I need the class tree always open in parallel to the 
editor. Just for switching around the methods and stuff.
Would be cool to have a splitter handling as alternative to that 
overlapping in IDEA UI mode.
F at lk

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