the KDE-3.0.2 release and its bundled KDevelop-2.1.2

August Hörandl august.hoerandl at
Wed Jun 12 22:38:05 UTC 2002

On Monday 10 June 2002 17:03, Eray Ozkural wrote:
> Hi Falk!
> You read my mind. I've just made an entry for a KDevelop 3.0 alpha
> release in KDE3.1 feature list.

a little coment:
there should be clear instructions how to install the
"old and stable" version and the new bleeding edge "side by side",
so we need at least different names (kdevelop3 ?), and maybe
there are library issues

- some user will want to try the new version but the old
  version is needed for the daily work

- i want the new version for my pupils but all the other
  teachers want the old one 

- ... a lot more examples ...

just my 2 cents

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