the KDE-3.0.2 release and its bundled KDevelop-2.1.2

Eray Ozkural erayo at
Mon Jun 10 17:04:02 UTC 2002

Hi Falk!

You read my mind. I've just made an entry for a KDevelop 3.0 alpha release
in KDE3.1 feature list.

I think there aren't too many showstoppers towards an alpha quality release, 
thanks to Bernd and everybody :) It already seems to be alpha quality. A 
little push and it will be there.

And maybe with that little entry on the feature list we can gain more steam :)


On Sunday 09 June 2002 19:37, falk.brettschneider at wrote:
> Hi KDevelopers!
> Would it make sense to release a KDevelop-3.0 (aka Gideon) Alpha or Beta
> version bundled with the KDE-3.1 release?
> I think KDevelop-2.1.2 has fixed all known outstanding and annoying bugs
> we can fix without feature addons. So it should be the last version in
> the 2.1 series (as long as we wont get another broken Qt or KDE version
> that we have to workaround ;).

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