the KDE-3.0.2 release and its bundled KDevelop-2.1.2

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Sun Jun 9 18:27:04 UTC 2002

Hi Dirk!
(Just in English in case you'll forward to some of the packagers.)

KDevelop-2.1.2 is the one to release together with KDE-3.0.2.  Is it 
still the 17th June?
KDevelop-2.1.2 is located on KDE_2_2_BRANCH since it's been a KDE-2 
version, but also compilable&working on KDE-3.

Some stability/bugfix changes have happened since KDevelop-2.1.1. 
Please, add them to the public KDE-3.0.2 ChangeLog!:
  - editor indention fixes, improved editor options dialog
  - layout of first page of project wizard fixed
  - bugfixes for WYSIWYG printing
  - output tool-view workarounded for broken Qt-3.0.4
  - some minor bugfixes

Please, if possible, provide KDE-2 rpm binary packages as well as KDE-3 
binary packages for each distribution.
Otherwise we have to ask our users again to build and provide the KDE-2 
binary rpms for the masses.

For the rest, all should be handled like for KDevelop-2.1.1.

Thanks in advance!
F at lk

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