TODO List KDevelop 2.1.2 (PATCHES attached, please comment)

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Wed Jun 5 01:53:04 UTC 2002


Roland Krause wrote:

>I have applied your compilation fix, indentation and editor options
>patch to my local version (CVS KDE_2_2_BRANCH) and all works very well.
I tried it and it seems to work well for the minutes I tested it. :-)
One issue which is important: 
Options->Editor->EnterIndents,BackspaceUnindents,IndentBraces are not 
checked by default. Please, let them be on by default since convinience 
is the goal of KDevelop and that's why they should be default. I can 
imagine some newbies wouldn't think of switching them on which IMO was 
not an individual case.

F at lk

BTW: I don't know if it's new due Kuba's patch but there is a crash with 
'Tab indent' on. Just try the Tab key in the first line of any header 
file (a comment line here) and KDevelop will crash like this:
#4  0x41304a74 in pthread_sighandler () from /lib/
#5  <signal handler called>
#6  0x40050013 in TextLine::indentTabs (this=0x0) at kwdoc.cpp:197
#7  0x4005275c in KWriteDoc::seekIndentRef (this=0x84dbed0,
    contents=@0x84dbef8, tabs=@0xbfffec78, spaces=@0xbfffec74)
    at kwdoc.cpp:1150
#8  0x40052819 in KWriteDoc::seekIndentRef (this=0x84dbed0,
    contents=@0x84dbef8) at kwdoc.cpp:1163
#9  0x40052e13 in KWriteDoc::commonTab (this=0x84dbed0, view=0x84caa48,
    c=@0xbfffed4c, add=true) at kwdoc.cpp:1319
#10 0x400531cb in KWriteDoc::tab (this=0x84dbed0, view=0x84caa48,
    c=@0xbfffed4c) at kwdoc.cpp:1393
#11 0x40046fc5 in KWriteView::keyPressEvent (this=0x84caa48, e=0xbffff030)
    at kwview.cpp:1204

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