TODO List KDevelop 2.1.2 (PATCHES attached, please comment)

Kuba Ober kuba at
Tue Jun 4 18:49:02 UTC 2002

> Sorry about this, your kdevelop-output.patch didn't apply into cvs, so
> this wasn't the problem... sth. I misunderstand, there were some other
> trials as far as the log entries for coutputwidget.cpp show.
> As far as I can see your patch for the output is kinda outdated for
> KDE_2_2_BRANCH and cannot be applied correctly (only one hunk succeeded
> the rest is rejected).

1. Do you know of any CVS snapshots? I don't use CVS.
2. Would anybody care to apply my patch manually against coutputwidget as of 
latest release (not CVS, I am clueless what kind of mess is there) and see 
whether this gets rid of problems people were having? I'd appreciate that.

Cheers, Kuba

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