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Mon Jun 3 23:32:03 UTC 2002

Hi Philippe!

Philippe FREMY wrote:

>Ok, next set of questions:
>6. Languages / Platform
>- What languages can currently be used with KDevelop ? Future plans ?
C/C++ only with KDevelop-2.x. More languagues with KDevelop-3 aka Gideon.

>- .NET / C# - support? (would that make sense in any way?)
haven't tried those ones yet. No experiences.

>7. Release
>- when are the next releases expected (each branch)
The next release is KDevelop-2.1.2 bundled with KDE-3.0.2.
I don't know what comes next with KDE-3.1. Maybe KDevelop-3.0 aka Gideon 
is usuable until then.

>- what do you plan ? 
I currently have a full time job with my family and baby. No time to be 
a core developer for KDevelop any more. :-)

>Do you want a release separated form KDE ?
No. Bundling to KDE is cool. There's no need to do packaging and 
promoting jobs for us, we just code and code and code...

>- How about releasing a windows-version sometimes?
I'd second that. It's very interesting for all the commercial 
Qt-programmiers using KDevelop for cross-platform development. It would 
be an alternative to MSVC or Borland Builder also on Win32.

F at lk

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