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Kuba Ober kuba at
Mon Jun 3 23:21:02 UTC 2002

On poniedziałek 03 czerwiec 2002 05:07 pm, Roland Krause wrote:
> Kuba,
> I have applied your compilation fix, indentation and editor options
> patch to my local version (CVS KDE_2_2_BRANCH) and all works very well.

Did you try

<tab>if (a ||<enter>
<spc><spc><spc><spc>b) {<enter> ? ;-))

(yep, you can have automatic braces enabled)

shift-tab works too ;-)

1. I can implement autoindent for unclosed parentheses, is it worth it?
2. I can make indent/unindent work for selections, is it worth it?

> I have no real insight as to why the OutputWidget uses RichText instead
> of PlainText so I did not apply that patch. If Harry says it has to be
> the way it is now, I tend to believe him, since he usually knows what
> he is talking about :-)

I don't think he really commented on my patches ;-).

> Anyway, good work!


> If there are no objections I will commit the changes to CVS tomorrow.

> PS: CVS isnt really that bad, once you know it a bit. I suggest giving
> it a try.

CVS that cannot properly handle subdirectory additions/deletions and that 
cannot automatically revert changes? You must be joking :-(

Cheers, Kuba

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