John Birch jbb at
Mon Jun 3 02:19:03 UTC 2002


Here's a small patch that attempts to find the subdirs associated with 
variables within a eg
SUBDIRS = blah1 blah2  $(BLAH_DIRS) blah3

This patch works well for variables that are within the same but 
for the kdevelop project it won't work. The problem is that the subdirs are 
dependent on the configure and the configure switches being used eg
SUBDIRS = lib parts plugins $(GIDEON_SUBDIR) $(KDEV_SUBDIR) doc pics

The result is that the gideon "src" dir is not added (and the kdevelop dirs) 
and its classes are not loaded into the class view.

I have no solution for this. Anybody with thoughts on how this could be 
handled? Perhaps the vars should just remain in the Automake Manager view if 
not found and then the dirs could be added manually (this would be a bad hack 

See you next week :-)

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