Code completion and interative syntax (semantic) checking

Gregor Zeitlinger zeitling at
Wed Jan 23 21:08:04 UTC 2002

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Daniel Engelschalt wrote:
> my main goal is to get  some experience concerning the cc-stuff so i'm
> extending what is currently there. thomas schilling is working on "the
> next generation  parser" which may  include an incremental  parser for
> real time syntax checking (thomas ?). 
> so if you have time -  you can surely help (the current flex-stuff may
> be tuned, too ;) just take a look at the sources... 
Ok, which is the appropriate branch? what is it I need to fetch? (I'm
currently still running KDE 2.2.1 and Kdeveop 2.0)

Gregor Zeitlinger      
gregor at

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