Please help fixing #37097

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Sun Jan 20 21:09:02 UTC 2002

Jörg Rüppel wrote:

>My idea was to just modify the order of the entries in the menu. Everytime a 
>view is activated, it is moved to the first place in the menu and all other 
>entries shift one place down. This produces the behaviour described in 37097. 
>My problem is that I can't find the menu containing this list in the sources. 
>there is file_menu options_menu and everything else but I can't find a 
>window_menu or something similar.
The 'Window' menu is managed and dynamically build by the code in 
kdevelop/kdevelop/widgets/qextmdi. Take a look at qextmdimainfrm.cpp : 

Ciao,F at lk

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