TODO list (again)

Jens Zurheide jens.zurheide at
Sun Jan 20 13:50:35 UTC 2002

>Currently I am scratching my head about the font sizes. These are somehow
>reset to the initial settings by calling the function openURL() from
> KHTML. I think this is a bug but I want to investigate it a little bit. I
> think I will post a patch somewhen this afternoon/evening.

I see...
KHTMLPart::openURL() calls
  KHTMLSettings::resetCharset() calls
    KHTMLSettings::internalSetCharset() calls
      KHTMLSettings::resetFontSizes() which
kills all the font settings previously applied. It resets the font sizes 
based on m_fontSize which is only read from the KHTML configuration file.

There is a possibility to call KHTMLSettings with a KConfig* parameter but 
the function const KHTMLPart::settings() requires a 
const_cast<KHTMLSettins*>(settings())->init(config,true) and this is ... 
ugly at least. But with this hack it is possible to set the font size 
(under KDE 2.2.2) and maybe it would even be possible to set the colors. Is 
this hack worth the result?


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