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We've been having a very interesting conversation over on debian-kde, (see 
the KDE filesystem structure thread if you're interested). Anyway, before we 
diverged into the meaning of life, the question I was trying to ask is why 
doesn't my kdevelop-created KDE2 app have any online documentation available 
on Debian when I've definitely made it.

The answer is that Debian for reasons of its own (the package maintainers 
seem unwilling to change this) has the docs placed in 
/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML. Since the prefix variable is set to /usr, the that kdevelop gives you when you start a project, cannot, it 
seems, find this location. It assumes docs go in $prefix/share/doc/HTML (this 
is what $kde_htmldir gets set too), so your index.docbook online help doesn't 
find it's way into the correct location.

So anyway, I hacked up a bit and I seem to have found a way 
to get the right locations where possible using the kde-config utility, 
supplied on most systems (if it can't find kde-config, it goes with the 
defaults). Anyway this new version *should* make your source.tgz's work much 
better with Debian and other non standard distributions (if any such 
distributions exist).

One thing to note with this script is that it will ignore any prefix you pass 
to configure for directories that can be found with kde-config. One advantage 
of this is that for novices who don't realise you need to pass a prefix (even 
on SuSE etc, you would surely need --prefix=/opt/kde2?), it should work 

Ok so the reason I'm posting this here is twofold: firstly in case any 
developers want to use this script. Secondly, if anyone with more autoconf 
experience than me could have a look at the script and check I haven't done 
anything stupid in it, that would be a great help. Plus any thoughts on 
should this patch be included somewhere upstream like within KDevelop? (or am 
I in fact being a bit dim and missing a much easier way to fix this problem? 
;) Obviously this is a patch to make it work with KDE2 and I don't know much 
about KDE3 so I'm looking for others to advise on what is best.


The patch is attached, I hope this isn't against list policy of any sort, I 
couldn't find a faq anywhere.

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