changing flags didn't invoke configure

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Wed Jan 9 14:25:05 UTC 2002

W. Tasin wrote:

> Hello,
> ......

> [BTW: there is still the problem with -fexceptions (AFAICS there is no 
> way now to include this flag inside KDevelop), the best (easiest) 
> solution would be to be able to set also KDE_CXXFLAGS inside the 
> compiler options dialog (all projects, which have an am_edit or 
> admin/am_edit can use this)]

I forgot to say the most important fact on it:
KDE_CXXFLAGS cannot be set like the other flags by invoking:
CXX="g++" GCC=... ... ... CXXFLAGS=.... CFLAGS=...  KDE_CXXFLAGS=.... 

it has to be either set inside (which is a little bit 
difficult) or by invoking:
make KDE_CXXFLAGS="-fexceptions"
(which breaks the new concept of setting these flags only with the 



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