Removed Qt2 support from Gideon

Daniel Engelschalt Daniel.Engelschalt at
Mon Jan 7 15:50:04 UTC 2002

Am 07.01.02 14:09:01, schrieb Harald Fernengel <harry at>:

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>AFAIK you need a CVS Snapshot, because there have been some source-code 
>incompatible changes. But with some good-will (and ;)) you 
>should be able to use it also with KDE3 beta 1 (you probably have to change 
>2-3 lines of code in Gideon).
ok, i'll take both (one day at university :) and see what compiles.

as richard mentioned earlier today i support the idea of having a "developer attract" 
edition shipped with / along kde3.


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