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On Friday 04 January 2002 06:09, you wrote about Re: c++ code completion 
status report:
> Hi!
> This is a nice idea. Does the doxygen parser parse also the implementation
> stuff or only *toplevel*?
> Our idea was that we could call *our* parser in a flexible way so that only
> those statements are examined which are from interest. Maybe this advantage
> of an own parser get's lost when we use doxygen - but I think I will have
> look at it when "I'm back and ready to go".
> Btw.: The class store is persistant but I have found some - hmmm -
> mysterious behave(?).
> I will have a look, too. And we also think that the class store has to
> become a *real* database one day.
	well i was calling doxygen and then parsing the xml file. the
entire process takes about 1.5 seconds for kdevelop's source.  really i see 
no use for a persistant class store information, the reason why i like XML is 
that it is fast to access the information from a DOM.  The hardest issue we 
have at this point is that a) Doxygen's XML has some "qwirks"  and b) it 
seems no-one here knows anything about what a DOM really does.

	The other approach is to look at doxygen's souce and just use the data 
structure he is using there internally.  I must warn you though it is a two 
drink minimum to look at that code :P

	I give my sympathies to anyone here who wishes to write there own parser.

	-ian reinhart geiser
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