Clearing up a few problems:

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Fri Dec 27 14:53:05 UTC 2002

I went hacking yesterday to attempt to fix a few outstanding bugs, and while I 
was unsuccessful mostly because I ran out of time, I indentified a few ideas 
that definitely could use incorporation:

IDEAl mode: If a part widget is closed or deleted, then the docking window 
needs to be closed as well.  IE: if you are using the konsole window and type 
"exit", then the KTabZoomFrame should be closed also.  

The "Classtools" part, which is created from the "Classview" part has a 
minimum size which is greater than the minimum size of the KTabZoomFrame.  
Thus, if the frame is smaller than the part, it overwrites the strut and 
makes it unresizeable.  I think a simple solution to this would be to force 
the loaded part to its minimum size, and if that size is bigger than the 
frame, resize the frame to fit it.  This seems like a little more non-trivial 
of a task to me.


I'll plan to explore these more over the weekend if nobody else gets to them 
by then.

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