Any plans for a alpha3 release with KDE3.1 final?

Harald Fernengel harry at
Sun Dec 15 18:32:05 UTC 2002


On Saturday 14 December 2002 21:49, John Firebaugh wrote:
> But the fact that you can't view two documents at the same time is a defect
> of the IDEAL UI mode, not of kompare. It would be far better to support
> splitting/arranging documents than to make a special case out of this
> example.

no, I don't want to start the MDI<->SDI discussion again, sorry :)

At the moment I like it very much to slide the diff in and out while working 
on my current document. IMHO it is more a "tool", especially when I add the 
"diff to saved file" ability so you can see what you just modified. 
Opening/Arranging/Tiling another document is a bit too heavy for that.

I agree that big patches that touch multiple files should be displayed as an 
extra document. At the moment this just has no high priority for my current 
work so this feature might take a while. IMHO it is more important to get 
"apply patch" working.

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