more gideon bugs

Andreas Wuest AndreasWuest at
Sat Dec 7 11:20:05 UTC 2002


just found two more bugs in gideon :

1. open/create a qmake project. typical for a qmake
   project seems to be that all source files are located
   in the src directory. Next go the the menu "Project -> New Class"
   and fill in the class forms (class name, etc) and press ok. 
   the qmake manager now lists the header and the source file correctly
   in the lower window of the qmake manager (HEADERS, SOURCES).
   The files are also correctly added to the file. However the
   files are not located in the src directory, but one directory up
   (base directory of the project). They should be in the src directory.

2. Adding a method to a cpp class the definition in the header file
   is always indented with a tab, not with spaces, even though i
   configured space indention in Settings->configure Editor->Indent.
   Indent with spaces (is checked)
   tab key indents (is not checked)
   Or is there another place where the indention can be configured
   and that i am missing ?

Thanks for reading, 


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