small patch for qmake/trollproject; one other problem

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jsgaarde at
Sat Dec 7 00:23:05 UTC 2002

>>    cd /home/andy/testxxx && qmake
>>    which fails since the project name is not
>>    The attached patch fixes that problem.

> I like your patch, but I'm wondering if we shouldn't do something different.  
> Since qmake by default looks for a .pro file that is named the same as the 
> directory, and gideon makes the qmake file the same name as the directory, 
> perhaps we'd be better off sticking to leaving startQMakeCommand as is and 
> making sure it creates .pro files that are named appropriately...

No comments - Fine with me either way...

Anyone else have a comment?

>> 2. For some reason the created binary does always have the name src
>>    (same as the directory). The bin directory is still empty, even
>>    though i expect the binary to be in that directory.
>>    For some reason the TARGET in the seems to be ignored.
>>    Changing the target name to blablubb still creates a binary with the
>>    name src, even tough i expect blablubb. Any ideas ??

In the subdirs configdialog you can specifially set both the outputdirectory 
and the binary filename - try it. It works fine here.


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