Gideon & Kdevelop-2.1.3

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Fri Dec 6 15:37:04 UTC 2002

On Friday 06 December 2002 02:17 am, Iztok wrote:

> 4. Which enviroment (automake, autoconf, gcc, glibc) is best to be used
> when building Gideon ?

I use autoconf 2.52 and automake 1.6.2, gcc 3.2, and the most recent glibc 
(whatever the version is, I don't remember).  It seems to work quite well.

I recommend gcc 3.2 and most up to date glibc and libstdc++ if you can get 
them - your programs will benefit greatly from the better compiler.  
Upgrading is not extremely easy, however.


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