qmake / trollproject problems, some other bugs

Caleb Tennis caleb at aei-tech.com
Fri Dec 6 15:21:02 UTC 2002

On Friday 06 December 2002 07:42 am, Thomas hasart wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2002 13:53 schrieb Andreas Wuest:
> > Hi,
> >
> > 1. the upper listview in the QMake Manager that shows the directory
> >    tree does not work properly if the project name and the project
> >    directory have different names (just try it with projecname : test,
> >    project directory : $HOME/testxxx).
> also if is i choose an dir different from $Home,  like $Home/projects/test.

By default qmake would like for the name of the .pro file to be the same as 
the directory name.  I think we should attempt to stick with this idea as 
much as possible, instead of giving the ability to make your .pro file 
whatever you want.  There is a flexibility vs. standard tradeoff.

Does anyone else think it's important to support this feature?  Perhaps as an 
intermediary we can have it scan the directory for the first .pro file if it 
doesn't find the one it wants.


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