XML based class store

Roberto Raggi raggi at cli.di.unipi.it
Thu Dec 5 12:10:04 UTC 2002

On Thursday 05 December 2002 12:05, Victor Röder wrote:
> Hi,
> The only thing I have reservations is performance (although computers
> are getting faster every day :-).
kdestudio 2.0 use QDom in its realtime class parser/browser and it is really 
fast(kdestudio/Plugins/RTClassParser).. so we have a working example to look 

> I think it's many work, but I also think that you are a fast and skilful
> programmer :-).
hehehe, thanks :-) 

> As time allows I will help as much as I can, because I'm interested in
> this topic, too.

ciao robe

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