XML based class store

Victor Röder victor_roeder at gmx.de
Thu Dec 5 11:55:06 UTC 2002


>I would like to replace the current class store with a new XML based one.
>The idea is to use a description file for each source and then
>use KArchive to collect those descriptions in a compressed file(something like 
>java JAR).
>The problem is that the current class store can't handle language 
>specific features like templates for c++, interfaces for java, 
>functor for OCAML, and so on.. but maybe this features can be 
>handle by an XML based class store.
>i would like to know what do you think before start writing
The only thing I have reservations is performance (although computers 
are getting faster every day :-).

Being member of the SourceBase mailing list, I noticed that this project 
(current state 0.1.1) will get some activity with the beginning of the 
next year, as the maintainer said. He wants to turn SourceBase into an 
universal part and wants to use it (spin-off of  Source Navigator) for 
his Anjuta IDE to support refactoring, code browsing, etc.
I don't know if waiting for SourceBase is stable or writing our own IDE 
backend (i.e. language independent class store, parsers, etc.).
I think it's many work, but I also think that you are a fast and skilful 
programmer :-).
As time allows I will help as much as I can, because I'm interested in 
this topic, too.


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