KDevelop presentation at SVLUG on Wednesday night.

Mickael Marchand marchand at kde.org
Wed Dec 4 00:40:04 UTC 2002

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I have some screenies of gideon + kvim part on my site 
(http://www.freenux.org/shots), feel free to use them.

IMHO the component model in Gideon should be really put ahead. This is a 
really good design i think.
Nice features I like would be the automake manager,  the project wizard and 
the diff viewer, and the 'editor of your choice' integration. 
You could also show the different versioning systems kdevelop can use 
(CVS,Perforce, Subversion (still in devel)) which makes it usable for most 

A good point is also that one can easily add a new feature to gideon (thanks 
to the components system). this can be important for some companies which 
have particular needs.

Have fun there :) 


Le Tuesday 03 December 2002 23:33, Roland Krause a écrit :
> Friends,
> Charles Samuels (aka Njaard) and myself are going to be the featured
> presentation at this months "Silly Valley Linux Users Group ->
> http://www.svlug.org/".
> So, I need some last minute advice here :-) Yes I should have done this
> earlier....
> Anyway. I would like to drop in two kpresenter slides about gideon, one
> with a screenshot, I personally dont like IDEA but many other people do
> so that's what I'd like to show, and also I would like to have about 4
> bullets with the three most important new things in gideon vs. Kdevelop
> and one bullets why gideon rockz and kickz azz.
> Can someone provide me with a nice action screenshot of a new gideon in
> 800x600 pixels (png file please). Maybe even the kvim part as the
> editor? Maybe something going on in the compile window...
> Also, for the bullets I was thinking of:
> o Real multilanguage support, C++, Fortran, Java and Python
>   know to be working.
> o Completely rewritten, kparts based application framework.
> o IDEA user interface mode
> o It kicks ass.
> Pretty lame, you see, the last one especially needs work, please help.
> Thanks guys, and stop by if you are in the area :-)
> Roland
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