KDevelop presentation at SVLUG on Wednesday night.

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 3 23:34:03 UTC 2002


Charles Samuels (aka Njaard) and myself are going to be the featured
presentation at this months "Silly Valley Linux Users Group ->

So, I need some last minute advice here :-) Yes I should have done this

Anyway. I would like to drop in two kpresenter slides about gideon, one
with a screenshot, I personally dont like IDEA but many other people do
so that's what I'd like to show, and also I would like to have about 4
bullets with the three most important new things in gideon vs. Kdevelop
and one bullets why gideon rockz and kickz azz. 

Can someone provide me with a nice action screenshot of a new gideon in
800x600 pixels (png file please). Maybe even the kvim part as the
editor? Maybe something going on in the compile window...

Also, for the bullets I was thinking of: 

o Real multilanguage support, C++, Fortran, Java and Python 
  know to be working.
o Completely rewritten, kparts based application framework. 
o IDEA user interface mode 
o It kicks ass. 

Pretty lame, you see, the last one especially needs work, please help.

Thanks guys, and stop by if you are in the area :-) 


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