qmake templates

Jakob Lund/Trapsoft Inc JakobL at trapezesoftware.com
Wed Aug 28 08:28:04 UTC 2002

> > Yes I'm not sure why but automake insists on creating the Makefile with
> > install-data-am in this sequence:
> >
> > install-data-am: install-qmakeappDATA install-data-local \
> >          install-templateDATA
> >
> > it should be like this:
> >
> > install-data-am: install-data-local install-qmakeappDATA \
> >          install-templateDATA

>The order shouldn't matter, should it?

Yes it does. install-data-local creates the templatefolder and
install-qmakeappDATA copies template data thus install-data-local must
be executed first. I just can't figure out why automake insists on this
order when the Makefile.am I made are just like the Makefile.am's in
earlier templates (for example kapp).

Temporary workaround:

Edit the Makefile and change the order like described at the top.

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