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Jakob Simon-Gaarde jsgaarde at tdcspace.dk
Mon Aug 26 19:59:03 UTC 2002

On Monday 26 August 2002 00:20, you wrote:
> Hi,
> the qmake templates are cool, but I have some problems:
> * please don't check in the script.local file, it is auto-generated for
> each system. (otherwise generation will fail)

okay I wasn't sure about this ;-)
I will pull them out again - if you haven't already done this.

> * I'm having troubles installing the buggers, the directory doesn't get
> created but I don't see why. After creating the installation directory by
> hand it works just fine.

Yes I'm not sure why but automake insists on creating the Makefile with 
install-data-am in this sequence:

install-data-am: install-qmakeappDATA install-data-local \

it should be like this:

install-data-am: install-data-local install-qmakeappDATA \

perhaps someone more knowledgable on the automake topic can explain this.
The Makefile.am is fundementally identical to the other templates.

> * It wants to link against libqt.so, but most users have libqt-mt.so
> installed... Do you think it makes sense to add "CONFIG+=THREAD" by
> default?

By selecting the subproject which links wrong and then clicking the configure 
button, you can select thead support in the Project configuration dialog.

> Best regards,
> Harry

/ Jakob Simon-Gaarde

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