creating qmake projects with appwizard

Harald Fernengel harry at
Sun Aug 25 23:59:02 UTC 2002


On Saturday 24 August 2002 22:38, Serge Lussier wrote:
> Hi, ..and why not try to make KDE "normal" program with custom menus ?
> I mean the ones provided in the tarball skelleton is %90 useless especially
> when
> there is no need to have File:print/documents Edit:copy/paste etc...
> I don't understand, even in the core KDE KAction/KStdAction is sticking
> with those menu items!! Not every programers and apps need theese actions,
> but they rather need the KConfig/KMenuBar/KToolBar support related stuff in
> their
> own way. It is funny to see that most of new projects MUST need
> Document/View architecture with theese actions. Otherwize, we have "Mini
> KDE" with NO menu/toolbar/ etc... support... QT-Designer has this feature.
> Why not KDevelop ?
> I tell you that I really suffer to not have time and resources to
> implement it on KDevelop...

Are you talking about KDevelop 2.x or Gideon? Gideon has a nice KDE Standard 
app without doc/view.

I don't know what the problem with KActions is, you have a lot of advantages 
(You get a toolbar-editor and customizable KeyBinding Dialog for free). And 
it is a lot easier to maintain than creating actions by hand.

Best regards,

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