Newbie: would like to help...

Harald Fernengel harry at
Thu Aug 22 21:45:04 UTC 2002


On Thursday 22 August 2002 20:51, Clynt wrote:
> Having hung around for a little while, checked out the sources, and
> generally had a look round, I'd like to help. However, im a bit of a newbie
> at this whole business (by that I mean actually *contributing* to any sort
> of open-source development) and have issues/questions/problems;
> 1) help where help is needed: i'd initially like to begin by bugfixing. I
> have checked out sources from the KDE_2_2_BRANCH,  is this the right thing
> to be bugfixing on? Is my help better spent elsewhere? I am running KDE
> 2.2.2 on Mandrake 8.2
> 2) Am I welcome to help? Or would you rather I cut my patching-teeth
> somewhere else? Anyone willing to give me an introductory tutorial or point
> me toward one on the web so that I dont screw up?
> Anyhow, thanks for anyones time, and I expect i'll need help on generating
> patches before long... :)

KDE_2_2_BRANCH is really really closed now, there won't be another KDevelop 
2.x release.

If you'd like to help, please install KDE 3.1beta and check out KDevelop HEAD, 
this is the place where new stuff should go in.

You can send patches to this list (using "cvs diff -u3 -p") and if you send 
too many patches we can talk about a CVS write account ;)

Best regards,

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