I really hate to tell you this but...

Falk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at gmx.de
Sat Aug 17 22:32:19 UTC 2002


Just a few words from me at present since I live in exile now, my house in
Dresden is affected by the flood. Didn't lose anything, but there isn't
current and drinking water these days.
Please, fix the bug immediately, 3.0.3 hasn't been released yet. Harry,
please, check. Then let Dirk Müller know.

F at lk

> guess what? 
> Ok.
> qt-x11-commercial-3.0.4 and KDevelop KDE_2_2_BRANCH crashes again in
> coutputwidget.cpp:185 when trying to do: 
> Build->automake/autoconf
> I know, I really should have checked this earlier, still the fix is
> simply to change line 180 in the file coutputwidget.cpp from
> if (line[0]=='\n' && (!isAboveQt303())) 
> to
> if (line[0]=='\n' && (isAboveQt303())) 
> , that is when the qt version is higher than 303 (304 in my case), the
> richtext widget is broken hence the app crashes. 
> Roland
> PS: Additionally, the fact that all the color here are all hardcoded
> makes the outputwidget pretty unusable in all but the default color
> schemes. I dont suggest fixing this but keeping that in mind when
> working on gideon. 

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