I really hate to tell you this but...

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 17 00:26:02 UTC 2002

guess what? 


qt-x11-commercial-3.0.4 and KDevelop KDE_2_2_BRANCH crashes again in
coutputwidget.cpp:185 when trying to do: 


I know, I really should have checked this earlier, still the fix is
simply to change line 180 in the file coutputwidget.cpp from

if (line[0]=='\n' && (!isAboveQt303())) 


if (line[0]=='\n' && (isAboveQt303())) 

, that is when the qt version is higher than 303 (304 in my case), the
richtext widget is broken hence the app crashes. 


PS: Additionally, the fact that all the color here are all hardcoded
makes the outputwidget pretty unusable in all but the default color
schemes. I dont suggest fixing this but keeping that in mind when
working on gideon. 

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