Compile error with QT 3.0.5

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Tue Aug 13 15:47:03 UTC 2002


> Well I'm just going to answer my self with what I have done to compile the
> part. The uic generated files librarydocdlgbase.h and librarydocdlgbase.cpp
> are not supplied with sufficient include preprocessors.
> librarydocdlgbase.ui from which they are genereted uses kde widgets, and
> somehow uic doesn't include the headerfiles needed to compile the source
> (klineedit.h and kurlrequester.h).
> Am I the only one experiencing this???
> I am mystified....

I have this problem, too (with .ui files in the autopartproject). And I know 
that it is only a few days old :-).
I don't know what's wrong - I bet something in admin/ changed :-(...


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