Gideon CVS 2002-08-09 : 3 crashes and a patch

Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel Matthias at
Sat Aug 10 07:24:03 UTC 2002

On Saturday 10 August 2002 00:18, Ludovic LANGE wrote:

> The first one and the second one (first two attachments) occurs when I
> close Gideon, when no project is loaded. It crashes in QextMdiMainFrm,
> and whatever the UI choosen.
> These ones are not very annoying.

I have tried for some time to find this bug. It only appears in the MDI modes, 
not in IDEAl mode. I am still a bit clueless about the cause. 

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this problems? I fear it is a double 
deletion of an object, but I have not yet found out where this happens.


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