Startup Crash

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Sat Sep 29 23:26:14 UTC 2001

On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Jeremias A. Sauceda wrote:
> Hello,
> Ralf Nolden told me that the kdevelop (gideon) in cvs crashed on
> startup.  I had a similar experience. I compiler qt-copy (v3) and
> kdelibs (v3) with --enable--debug.  When the program crashed gdb lost
> the user thread.  Through various tests I was able to track down the bug
> to the KDevFileSelector component.  After other tests I tracked the bug
> to KDirOperator class in kdelibs.  The constructor of both objects exits
> ok, but the program quickly crashes after a slave timeout.
> Can anyone verify this?
> I am new to Qt/KDE so I have a couple questions.  Do the slot/signal
> mechanism run on a seperate thread?  How many threads are there in a
> Qt/KDE app?  It seems that the "distributed" nature of slots/signals
> would make this very hard to track down.

Normally, there is exactly one thread in a KDE program. Signals and
slots are a totally synchronous concept.

libkio (used by KDirOperator) interacts with IO slaves though, and
these run in separate processes. Interaction with the slaves is done
through the event loop.


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