The Gideon feature list (was => Re: Who is still working...)

Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at
Wed Sep 26 12:20:12 UTC 2001

Hi, Oliver!

> Jam/MR from Perforce does just this. It's a freeware make replacement and
> personally I like it. One big drawback is the lack of (good) documentation.
> It took me a few days to migrate a project with multiple directories,
> shared libraries etc. etc.
> The advantages are decreased build time, because it doesn't invoke itself
> recursively like make does and ease of use once you learn how to use it
> (Jamfiles are pretty different from Makefiles).

Thanks for the hint! I'm going to have a look at it these days.

Are you willed to answer some questions about Jam/MR from my side if there 
are any?


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