Who is still working...

Daniel Engelschalt s2697 at htw-dresden.de
Wed Sep 26 05:12:50 UTC 2001

> Daniel, Daniel and me are/were working on the C++ Code Completion. Daniel 
> Engelschalt wrote a new CodeCompletionParser and at least I try to get it 
> work in Gideon. I hope I could "finish" my work this/next week. But the last 
> days my i18n("Netzteil") get damaged :-( so that I wasn't able to work on it.
> But I think Daniel (Engelschalt) will help me to get this work (won't you :-).
no problem here ;)


Q: How does a UNIX Guru do sex?
A: look; join; chat; nice; whois; ident; trap;  
   unzip; strip; touch; finger; mount; fschk; more; yes; umount; sleep; exit
   (Lars Bamberger)

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