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On Thursday 13 September 2001 04:09 pm, you wrote:
> On Donnerstag, 13. September 2001 20:29, you wrote:
> Ian, I'm supposed to do a study for universtity on cross-compiling so I
> would be glad if you leave this up to me! :) This is supposed to do my work
> and I apologize I'm not done yet though I know that it can easily be
> implemented, but I want to do it in the most general way that allows to set
> up multiple environments for compiling at the same time.
> Generally it doesn't require much besides creating a subdirectory as a
> build directory and calling ./configure from there, and you can export CC
> and CXX as well as the according flags before running ./configure so it
> pics up the according compiler and the flags. That's basically all, no
> changes needed. The stuff is known as VPATH or builddir != srcdir :)

hey no problem, as soon as you are done let me know, i am looking to move my 
current palm development stuff over to kdevelop.  i am also trying to talk a 
cousin of mine who has links to palm to maby make KDevelop the "Official" 
palm  development platform for unix.   The big thing they lack is an easy way 
to create resources for palm.  So far there is only a gtk based gui to do 
this.  I wish i could call pilrc from the make file like i can call uic but 
that again is above my head.  any pointers would help.

Currently I am using KDevelop to do everything but generate the make files.  
I think 3.0 has a sincere chance at really takeing the development world by 

i know i really should finish my software dist part, but I have been very 
busy with payed work and have been really short on time.  i hope to be done 
before November so this feature will be in the final version...

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